Trey Boggs

With a proud High Country residency dating back to 2007, Trey has become an integral member of our real estate team since joining Echota in 2012. A distinguished graduate of Appalachian State University, Trey’s educational background has finely honed his communication and analytical skills. Trey’s heart truly beats for the outdoor wonderland that is our High Country home. His genuine passion for outdoor life, coupled with an unwavering commitment to our vibrant local community, makes him an exceptional asset to our clients. Beyond being a seasoned broker, Trey is a trusted community ally. He actively participates in local events, supports neighborhood initiatives, and understands the heartbeat of our region. Whether it’s uncovering the perfect property, introducing clients to hidden natural treasures, or helping them integrate seamlessly into our welcoming community, Trey’s commitment is unwavering.

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