Find Your Place in the Mountains

From the very first moment you pull into the community of Echota in the High Country of North Carolina, you enter into another world. A world of fresh air and mountain views. Of stunning architecture and authentic landscaping. In this world, families come first and play supersedes work. With a full list of completed amenities and vast natural playground, your opportunities for adventure are as big as the whole outdoors. As an owner, you can craft a unique lifestyle, celebrate your individual passions and own your experience!

We invite you to own your experience at the family-built, family-run and family-focused world of Echota.

We invite you to celebrate your family legacy - with us here in the High Country - at Echota.

Discover mountains.   Discover living.   Discover Echota.


Discover for yourself why Echota is the most successful community in the history of the NC High Country.